Life Flower is a family owned and operated business located in Orange County, California. We handcraft all of our products consciously from natural, ethically sourced ingredients with therapeutic grade essential oils and absolutely no artificial fragrances, chemicals or preservatives.

The idea of Life Flower was born after years of experience working in and around the cannabis industry and witnessing the lack of quality and care in the "healing" products that we were supposed to be recommending to family and friends. It didn't make sense to pair such a beneficial plant with ingredients that are harmful or synthetic. It wasn’t until our own family members were suffering from painful terminal illnesses that we began this journey of self-educational healing. Our products took the edge off of our Grandma’s terminal cancer and provided her with the relief she needed during her last few months of living. Due to the effectiveness and overwhelming positive feedback, we began production the next month in her legacy.

Life Flower takes pride in creating eco-friendly, 100% natural, high vibrational products for people of every age that change the standard on cannabis-infused products while aiming to raise spiritual consciousness and awareness.

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